Stati Generali del Turismo: pieno apprezzamento di Comune Lamezia e Lameziaeuropa

  • 2 years ago

The new Tourist Port of Lamezia Terme consistent with the regional strategy.

After participating in the States General of Tourism promoted by the Calabria Region, the Mayor and the Tourism Councilor of the Municipality of Lamezia Terme Paolo Mascaro and Luisa Vaccaro and the President and the Director of Lameziaeuropa Leopoldo Chieffallo and Tullio Rispoli express their full appreciation for the initiative conceived and organized by the Regional Councilor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Mobility Fausto Orsomarso and by the General Manager of the Department Antonella Cauteruccio and concluded by the President of the Regional Council Roberto Occhiuto.

For the Municipality of Lamezia Terme and for Lameziaeuropa it was extremely important and positive to involve on this issue, which is decisive for the development of the entire Region, all the public and private actors who work in this area to create a public-private institutional network and illustrate and share the regional strategy being defined for the years 2023 – 2025 which, with the contribution of all and by operating in an organic way, will allow us to take further steps forward and make the most of, after the dramatic situation experienced in recent years to Covid, Calabria as a national and international tourist destination 365 days a year.

From this perspective, the general CALABRIA EXTRAORDINARY container aimed at building a new image of Calabria and at enhancing the history and its innumerable natural and cultural deposits also through innovation and digitization, and the first thematic projects identified by the Calabria Region and in itinere such as those concerning the MID Identity Markers and the Land of the Fathers which will have its climax in 2024, the new consolidated text on tourism being drawn up to make the work of operators easier and abolish regional laws now obsolete and no longer financed .

Of particular importance, then, the reference of the President of the Regional Council Roberto Occhiuto in his concluding speech to the strategic objectives on which to focus, to make the most of the 800 km of Calabrian coast, identifying for this purpose, among others, the tourist ports, the construction of hotels and structures linked to top-of-the-range and international standard tourist services to attract the big brands that operate at an international level and international tourist flows of high-value-added quality to Calabria.

To this end, the Waterfront Project and the new Lamezia Terme Tourist Port, to be built exclusively with private funds and to be developed in close connection with the Lamezia Terme International Airport, central hub for regional accessibility, for the Mayor Mascaro and the President. Chieffallo can represent a concrete development opportunity for the whole of Calabria, fully consistent with the strategy and future regional planning, to focus on tourism of national and international quality, attract investors and players in the sector at an international level, create new and qualified opportunities. employment and growth opportunities for the regional business world in the context of the Blue Economy.


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