Expo Dubai, Camera Commercio Catanzaro e Lameziaeuropa insieme per lo sviluppo del territorio

  • 2 years ago

Lamezia Terme – Operational meeting at the Business Services Center of the industrial area of ​​Lamezia Terme between the president and the manager of Lameziaeuropa Leopoldo Chieffallo and Tullio Rispoli and the Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro Bruno Calvetta. 

“During the meeting – they explain in a note – the point was made on the various initiatives planned or already under construction contained in the Development Masterplan 2021 – 2027 and functional to the integrated development and productive relaunch of the industrial area of ​​Lamezia Terme. The Secretary General Calvetta reaffirmed the maximum institutional commitment of the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, one of the main shareholders of the company, to support the development path undertaken in close collaboration and sharing with the Municipality of Lamezia Terme, Fincalabra,Province of Catanzaro and all the other shareholders on the basis of the proactive contributions and strategic guidelines highlighted in the Company Meetings by the Extraordinary Commissioner Daniele Rossi and within the Board of Directors by Vincenzo Bifano “.” Waterfront project and tourist port, Agriexpo, Service Center for the Companies, Smart Arena Pilot Project, Food District, Proposals for unitary participation by the Municipalities of the Lametine territory in the calls of the PNRR and Regional Programming, Zes Calabria, are the issues and concrete initiatives – they specify – on which the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro and Lameziaeuropa will continue in close collaboration to work together to strengthen and qualify the natural vocation of the area as a Logistic, Tourist,Production and Services for the whole of Calabria and for a strategic repositioning of Lamezia and the central area of ​​Calabria in the context of regional and Mediterranean development “.

the concrete possibility of creating new quality and quantitatively important employment opportunities for the territory and a new tourist and logistic hub at national and international level in close connection with the Lamezia Terme airport. The Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro – they say – in particular on 22 and 23 March will present the institutional video of the project created by Coipa at Expo Dubai on the occasion of the specific initiative promoted by the body, with the contribution of the Calabria Region, aimed at promoting food and wine production of the province in which eight selected companies will participate, bayers, distributors and operators of the international market with particular reference to the Asian context “.

Source: www.lametino.it/

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